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Node – Express – Neo4J : Getting Started

Goal: To develop a Node Express Application that connects to a Neo4J Graph Database and leverages Cypher Queries to retrieve node data and display in a Jade Template. Secondary Goal: Learn Cypher and Neo4j Queries. Node Development and Deployment. Express capabilities and Jade Template Engine. Deployed Website: A published application is available at: http://nodeexpressneo4j.azurewebsites.net/ Resources: […]


Office 365 Addin + IBM Watson

Outlook Office 365 Addin evaluates the message subject and gives the user a graphical representation of the score of the various emotions associated with the message. Use Case: As a Customer Service Representative you receive emails every day and you would like to know the emotions associated with each email to prioritize the ones which […]


Enterprise Data Integration

EDI and ETL implementations to facilitate Data Source Integration. Approach: Documented fields from the LOB data that needed to be consumed by the Reporting Dashboard. Developed Report Data Interface to facilitate development of EDI end point and integrated with LOB Data using MS SQL Server. Implemented ETL Scripts using SSIS / BizTalk and SQL Stored […]


Enterprise Software Development

Successful delivery of multiple applications across several domains. Amogh Consultants has successfully delivered: A Custom Multi Tenant Application using Microsoft.NET and SQL Server 2008 to display the data using Graphs and Tables. Data Driven Websites with emphasis on Security. Easy to use Administration modules. Approach: Take over application ownership by understanding the code base and […]


Data Discovery – Tableau

Objective The overall storyline is closely related to the TED talk by Dr. Dilip Ratha. (Link here.) In his talk, Dr Ratha highlights trends in growing remittance worldwide and its impact on global economic growth –especially with respect to under developed and developing countries. This paper utilizes tables to analyze publicly available World Bank data […]


Cloud Deployment Strategy

Dev Ops strategy supporting your SaaS Application Rollout to cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.